The mission of ERUPSI ltd. is to support development of emergency services by providing client-tailored consultancy, helping our customers to achieve their strategic goals as well as optimise daily operations, by enabling them to utilize our specialist’s state of the art know-how in:

  • IT security, management and process modeling of strategic/critical systems
  • Security and risk analyses & management
  • Research & Development of technologies
  • Integrated information system development
  • Business and policy development strategies
  • Institutional development and change management, with special focus on emergency services

The company was established in 2011, following the launch of a national reform of the Integrated rescue system of Slovakia and reflecting upon high demand for support of crucial development initiatives in the sector of the emergency services at national level and beyond. It currently has 2 internal employees, joined by task-tailored expert teams, created to meet the needs of individual clients and projects.

The company is supporting key projects for corporate and government clients  and actively creating a platform for ultimate experience-gathering opportunities for our joint consultant/client teams, currently  supporting projects in Slovakia, Czech republic, Austria and Montenegro.

In the sector of EM, we provide support services in the area of:

  • Management of strategic development projects, coordination of multi-lateral project teams and working groups in the EM domain
  • Critical infrastructure analysis and security solutions
  • Optimalization of processes and operations in IT and development projects
  • IT security, threat and risk analyses & management
  • Sector specific documentation management solutions
  • SW design for custom HW appliances
  • Business development strategies & change management
  • Service delivery oriented policy development
  • Risk management
  • Innovation activities, supporting access to financing solutions  in EM services development context and delivering business support services in the region

Our team embodies:

10 +
years of experience in HW & SW design/development
8 +
years of experience in design & management of strategic policy, business,  service & IT development for strategic (GOV/Utility) partners,  including the EM sector
5 +
years of experience in institutional development strategies for gov. and nongovernmental emergency services, including the generation and management of multilateral partnerships and project consortiums at national and international level
4 +
years of experience in strategic security solutions for gov projects

At international level our experts are actively involved in emergency services  platforms, at European level actively involved in the ESSN (European Emergency Services Network) and the coordination of Operations committees of the EENA (European Emergency Number Association) aimed at defining European requirements and enhancing sharing of best practices on the whole emergency services chain.

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